Katie Scarlett Brandt

Chicago, IL
e: katie@katiescarlettbrandt.com

Katie Scarlett Brandt is a writer, editor, & content strategist available for freelance.

I’ve always been a curious person. At age 7, I challenged my younger brother to put his hand under the water cooler’s red tap because I wanted to know how hot it was. (I subsequently found out what happens when you go to an emergency room for a severe burn. Sorry, Nick.)

A few years later, as a journalism intern at the University of Chicago, I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with surgeons as they placed electrodes on a child’s brain to stop his seizures. Not long after that as an assistant editor, I raced in an ambulance with a transplant team as they procured a heart for a patient in need.

In each scenario, I watched and listened in awe, gaining a greater understanding of how our world works and what it means to be human.

While much of my writing has centered on medicine, I love telling stories of interesting places, people, and ideas beyond medicine, too. For me, writing involves more than translating complicated issues into digestible pieces—it’s storytelling.

Through those stories, I strive to educate and make an impact on people’s lives. Once a piece is written, I love following its journey across social media—noting how readers interact with it and which stories resonate with different audiences.

When not glued to the wonderful world of the internet, I love hiking with my dogs, practicing photography, and traveling. My husband and I (plus our dogs) just returned from a 9-month, 18,000-mile road trip in an RV, during which we visited 23 states. For part of the trip, my younger brother was generous enough to host us in California—despite that time I sent him to the ER.

Currently reading: Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance